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In October of 2019, we created GATHER in response to the need for an inspiring, comfortable space to get together with friends, associates, clients and family; to learn, grow, and experience new things; to meet new people and to think new ideas.


After attending dozens of conferences, workshops, meetings, happy hours, mixers, socials, and open houses in my past 9+ years of coaching, I have found that a supportive environment is so important and we wanted to create that space for you.


Now...we've had some changes in our lives, and for a while, we found our community through our webcams and microphones. We've  thrived by shifting our focus to supporting our members and the community at large online! It's been an exciting time of new beginnings and new ideas.


We are making plans to be together again in person and the details are a lot. We will gratefully be continuing our robust community online, with members from all around the country and internationally, while locally we focus on both online and in-person events.


To find out more about Tracie, Founder of Gather, please check out https://www.tracieroot.com/about

The City of Santa Cruz is both unique and for everyone, at the same time. Come to our town where a short event at GATHER can be made into a special day. A day can stretch out to two or three. Walk just a block or two to Pacific Avenue for shopping, dining, buskers playing music or street vendors with their handmade wares. In season, take the 25cent trolley to the wharf and say hello to the Sea Lions, ride some rides at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, or drive to nearby hiking trails in the Santa Cruz Mountains, or to West Cliff for a sunset stroll.


We value cooperation, support, partnership, kindness, generosity, respect, and trust. We are here for each other. Gather means community.

Our physical location in downtown Santa Cruz offers a unique vibe, with the beach and the mountains so close-by, and historic Pacific Avenue only a couple of blocks away. Gather is a space where everyone can relax and be present, where we can focus on the people around us and on getting to know each other better, so we can create fulfilling lives for ourselves, for our families, and have a positive impact on the community and the world around us.


We follow state guidelines regarding masking and vaccination status - all unvaccinated persons are required to wear masks inside Gather. Masks are optional for those who have been fully vaccinated. We will also require all who attend events at Gather to have registered with their name and email address in advance or to sign-in with that information at the door.


Whether online, in-person, or a combination of both - Gather wants to support your event so you can reach your people and build your community. Check out our Book Gather page for the latest updates.


GATHER is the space we’re holding for you.


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